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S.J. Hopewell Readers is a blog focusing on the works of author S.J. Hopewell. For updates about her debut novel “Pleading Hearts”, don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page.

S.J. Hopewell’s “Pleading Hearts” is a modern legal romance inspired by a historic tragedy. Determined to honor her late father’s memory, twenty-two-year-old Anna Fitzgerald embarks on a journey through Virginia’s top law school: Ashcroft University. With the love of her mother, younger sister Margaret, and faithful dog Jasper, Anna is unstoppable. Until she unexpectedly finds herself at the mercy of oncoming traffic. Cue Justin Goldman—her ruggedly handsome, intellectually charming classmate with warm, hazel eyes and a surprisingly relatable past. Justin jumps to Anna’s rescue, pulling her to safety in his arms. The only problem? Justin has a girlfriend. As Anna advances through law school in denial of her growing feelings for Justin, neither could possibly predict the tragedy that would soon strike the beloved city of Manderley. Start reading “Pleading Hearts” now at: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B08BY5WYD8/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1597770584&sr=1-1

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